March 29, 2020

synology parcticle script


cd /dev && mount -t vfat synoboot2 /mnt/synoboot2 && cd /mnt/synoboot2

  1. sudo synouser -setpw root newpasswd(then click enter). And now you have created your root password as "newpasswd". You can replace this "newpasswd" to the password you preferred.
  2. On "[email protected]", type : cd .. (then click enter)
  3. Then type: vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config (then click enter)
  4. You will see many texts and lines appear.
  5. Try to scroll up and search for this line: #PermitRootLogin yes
  6. Restart sshd service.

列出nas中所有服务 :synoservice --list


synoservicectl --restart/reload pkgctl-*

synoservicectl --stop pkgctl-*